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Calling all Warriors, and want to be Warriors!!! I want to bring out the Warrior in you! This challenge is afitness challenge, and all levels are welcome! At Impact, Warrior Training will consist of 5 workouts a week. These workouts are designed to challenge your strength, stamina, balance, and coordination. We will be incorporating many styles of training to keep you motivated and challenged.

This style of training will run month to month at Impact. If you are looking for a SOLID strength and conditioning program, complete with modifications when needed, this is the training for you.
Impact's Pure Strength is just that. Lifting, Strengthening, balancing. Participants will progress through a strength program that not only will help injuries in daily life and athletic adventures, but they will also feel more prepared to lift on their own, feel stronger in daily life, and gain knowledge in the area of proper form and muscle activation. We will train in correct form and new lifting techniques.
Impact’s Youth Athletic Training will consist of varying strength and conditioning workouts through the week, and Trainers to coach and challenge them. Why Impact? Our groups will remain controlled in size, and the time will be taken to coach and correct on form, and technique.

Certifications and Experience
ACSM Personal Trainer Certification
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Reebok Cycle
Thomas The Promise Kickbox
Turbo Kick
YMCA Personal Trainer
Diane Cahill is a wife and a mother of 6 amazing children with ages ranging from 12-21. I have been married to my husband Jeff for 24 years. I have been in the fitness industry for 19 years. I have always loved sports, running, and lifting weights. I love challenging my body by trying many different types of workouts and changing things up a lot. In my own training I have run, cycled, swam, done bootcamps, lift weights and love to always have a new goal in mind. I also love to workout for the emotional benefits. I believe our bodies were made to move, and when that isn't happening not only our bodies but our minds and emotional state is impacted negatively. I love to help people get started out on this journey of finding what they may love to do in the fitness realm, or encourage what has already been started.

I managed the aerobics program at a local gym for 3 years. I have taught many different classes over the years, including kickbox, turbokick, bodypump, boxing, cycling, sports conditioning, interval classes, and bootcamps. I started a bootcamp program at a local gym, and have taught bootcamps for over 10 years. I love to teach bootcamps because of the variety of strength and conditioning methods you can incorporate into one hour! Such a great way to challenge your body and mind, and mix up your workouts. Great for the seasoned athlete, or the beginner who is willing to step in and modify.

I have been doing small group training for over 15 years and have taught many weight training classes for women. This is a passion of mine because I have seen the benefits to women who lift weights, including more strength in their day to day activities,and better balance. Lifting weights fights osteoporsis and encourages a higher metabolism.And I haven't even mentioned how our bodies look leaner and more fit when we have more muscle! I love to equip women so they know HOW to lift weights so It takes the fear away of the weight room. I want to equip and empower women to be able to weight train on their own if that is their desire. I love to incorporate strength training in all of my bootcamps and also run separate weight training programs for women of all ages, teaching basics of lifting to progressing to more complicated programs and lifting styles.

Over the last 19 years my passion for teaching, training and equipping others to reach and attain their fitness goals, and set new ones, has grown. I continually meet new people who inspire me and challenge me to stay in the fight to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit. It is my desire to help and encourage you in your health and fitness journey, and keep pressing you on to your goals. Join me at Impact and let me help to press you on in your goals and desires. Start making your impact today!

Dylan Cahill graduated from Millard West High school and played on the state champion West Omaha United Rugby team. He's currently pursuing an Exercise Science/Business degree and working at Complete Nutrition. Dylan enjoys weight training often and making nutrition plans.

Dylan is planning on entering power lifting and bodybuilding competitions in the near future. He works hard to better himself everyday - in and out of the gym.
Jess Kerwin has been teaching, coaching and competing in all aspects of endurance sports for over 20 years. She earned an advanced degree in nursing and has excelled to a premier status as a caregiver in Emergency care and served on many leadership teams in the medical field.

She is the ultimate motivator and is always eager to challenge her clients and teams to embrace the journey in achieving successful results. Jess is currently training for competitive triathlons across the country and is ready to share her enthusiasm and experience. She is certified with NASM/AFAA and USAW Sport Performance as a Level 1 Coach.

You will be inspired and guaranteed a great workout when working with Jess Kerwin. “My objective is to provide exceptional coaching and guidance in creating an environment of success and fun ultimately crushing our goals and seeing results." Any level of fitness is wanted from the de-conditioned to the advanced athlete- get ready to sweat and smile with Jess!! Jess is also very proud of her husband James, an accomplished coach and trainer and her three children Hana, Clara and Jack.

Youth Fitness & Athletics
Day(s) and Time(s)
Session Dates: Monday Jan 2nd – January 29th
We know fitenss & athletics are important to many teenagers, and we want to help them reach their goals. We not only want to nurture the physical, but we want to build character and resolve into youth.

These training sessions will run month to month. Youth can sign up for 1, 2, or 3 times a week at a specified time slot. Switching slots is permitted as long as the different slot is not full, or didn’t run because of low numbers.
  • Class Times:
    Mon / Wed / Thurs: 3:15 PM & 4:15 PM
    Mon / Wed / Thurs 7:00 PM
    Sat make-up class: 9:15 AM
  • Cost:
    1 time a week: $60.00 / month
    2 times a week: $75.00 / month
    3 times a week: $100.00 / month
  • Sessions will run month to month. Make up days have to be signed up for 24 hours in advance. Time slot changes need to be signed up for 24 hours in advance.

Warrior Challenge
$175 Monthly
Class Time

Session dates: Monday January 2nd – March 24th
Impact's large group training style workout
At Impact we understand that not everyone who walks in our door can do everything we ask. We want to help teach and train you to do things correctly to get the most benefit, and to challenge YOU to reach your next goal. Not everyone has the same goals! This Challenge will include 12 weeks of Strength, boxing, cardio circuits, plyometrics and balance training. Different styles and types of training every day! It will change up your workout so that you will be challenged and changed for the new year! This training program is a 5 day a week commitment. Perfect for weight loss, or for needing a change in your current routine. If you make it to all of the classes, then you will get $25.00 off the next session! Make up days will always be on Saturday.
  • Level: ALL - Beginner to Advanced
  • Sign up for your choice in time, but you can move around to other times as needed as long as those classes are not full.
  • Sign up for the time slot that you will most likely attend. If you need to come to a different time slot that is permitted as long as the other time slot is not too full, or didn’t run because of low numbers.
  • Brings out strengths and weaknesses in your fitness practices. You will become stronger in areas that you may miss in your everyday workouts.
  • Trains your muscles in many different ways. Incorporates muscle strength and muscle endurance type exercises.
  • Shakes up your cardio routine. You will do cardio intervals that will blast calories and challenge your existing cardio level.
  • Workouts can be indoor or outdoor, and some include a little of both.
  • Always a different format so you won't get bored! Some formats included are Tabata, HIIT training, boxing, crossfit style workouts, plyometrics, and station work.
  • Class Times:
    Mon - Fri: 5:30 AM
    Mon - Fri: 8:30 AM
    Mon - Thurs: 5:30 PM & Fri: 4:30 PM
    Sat make-up class: 8 AM
  • Cost: $175/month

Session participant required 6 (minimum) 12 (maximum)

Small Group Training $200
(1 registration)
Name & Group Name

Session Dates: January 2nd – Feb 24th (8 weeks)
This group will be smaller in size, as more time will be taken to teach and correct form. If you don’t want to spend the money to pay a for a personal training session, but want to enhance and challenge your strength, this is the perfect program for you! AND you will connect with others that will keep you motivated and challenged through your journey!
  • Level: ALL - Beginner to Advanced
  • Small Group Training
  • Great for a group of friends, workmates, or a team that have similar goals and availability.
  • Class size: Minimum 4 / Maximum 6
  • Class Time: Mon / Wed / Fri: 11:15 AM
    OR set up a time that works for your group!
    Email Diane ( for pricing and schedule questions!
  • Cost: $200/month per person

Strength & Circuit
Monthly Registration

Strength & Circuit classes run 10 AM Mon-Fri
Impact Training Strength and Circuit
You will build and progress through the month, and be surprised by your fitness gains after a short amount of time. This program can be challenging for those that love to workout by increasing volume and intensity, and also for the beginner who needs a place to start in their fitness program. There will be a lot of strength intervals, and some kicking cardio intervals too.
  • Level: ALL - Beginner to Advanced
  • Class times: 10 AM Mon – Fri
  • Cost:
    $150/month (5 days a week)
    $100/month (3 days a week)
  • Class size: Minimum 6 / Maximum 12